Photo: Lenzy Ruffin Photography, Courtesy of Community Forklift

Community Forklift is a nonprofit reuse center for home improvement supplies that has kept $30 million worth of waste from incinerators or landfills over the past 13 years. Operating as a “modern-day Robin Hood,” Community Forklift gathers quality materials from renovations, building projects, and even deconstructed homes throughout the Washington metropolitan area. They then sells the materials as a way to curb construction waste and make repairs more affordable.

Community Forklift has also provided $300,000 in free materials to neighbors in need and local nonprofits since 2011, and has generously donated two antique doors to support ArtWorks for Freedom’s Golden Doors to Freedom project. Ruthie Mundell, Outreach and Education Director, says supporting anti-trafficking efforts hits close to home with Community Forklift, which is headquartered in Prince George’s County, in the Maryland suburbs of DC, and has seen the ravages of human trafficking uncovered in its own community.

“Just recently, we were surprised when human trafficking arrests were made in some very nice neighborhoods near our warehouse, so we’re especially aware that this is not a far away problem,” Mundell says. “We’re glad to be a part of this effort with ArtWorks for Freedom and to be able to take a stand and say we know human trafficking is here, and we’re not okay with it.”