Volunteer Spotlight: Amy Sena

Over the years, ArtWorks for Freedom has been fortunate to work with incredible collaborators. These people have come to us as staff, Contributing Artists, partners in hosting impactful exhibits around the globe, and volunteers. 

All of these forms of collaboration are remarkable, but there is something intrinsically moving about the role a volunteer plays in the movement of an organization. They remind us that our mission is powerful enough to incline one to give of their time and energy to contribute to its momentum, knowing that the sole reward is food for the soul, and that is enough.

ArtWorks has been deeply touched by one such volunteer, Amy Sena, and our thanks goes out to her and the efforts she puts forth to further the reach and impact of the organization. 

Amy attended Hofstra University in New York City, receiving a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Biochemistry. During her studies she began volunteering as a doula which ultimately led to her becoming one herself, specializing in infant and toddler care and perinatal education. Through her role as a doula, Sena has worked closely with victims of abuse and violence.

“From the beginning of my career, I could see how that trauma and abuse manifested in their bodies. Through exploration and then integration of various aspects of art, religion, and culture into my approach to delivering healthcare as a doula, I began utilizing breath, dance, and music into the care and support I provide.” 

Through her exploration of art and the ways it could be integrated into her doula practice, Sena began to see how it could be used to navigate emotions and trauma for her patients without the pressure of them giving verbal testimonial which is often the default mode of therapy. Essentially, offering art as a form of expression and outlet for people who have experienced abuse, provides them a path to begin processing and ultimately healing, without having to talk about their trauma should they not want to.  

During an internship at a safe home for survivors of human trafficking, Sena became aware of the Human Trafficking Study Group at Harvard Kennedy School and applied. Upon admittance, she met Christina Bain, Board Chair of Artworks for Freedom. Bain, another member of the study group, exposed Sena to ArtWorks for Freedom and introduced her to its Founder and Director, Kay Chernush. Sena was thrilled to see the marriage of two of her passions, combatting human trafficking and the healing power of art, at work in one organization. She knew she had to get involved.

I am passionate about working with ArtWorks for Freedom because of its missions to combat human trafficking by educating the public about it, and making people aware of its presence in every corner of society. There is a place for people to get involved through any creative passion. Art is moving, and it makes people pay attention. ArtWorks demands people pay attention to the crime of human trafficking and the ways they can help combat it in their daily lives. It creates awareness through artistic expression, provides an environment of education for its viewers, and healing for survivors. There is a place for everyone here to learn, to support, and to heal.” 

Sena featured as the uterine reproductive system in The Anatomy Fashion Show, an annual fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network. As a volunteer painter, design assistant and choreographer for the nonprofit, Sena is able to put her passion as a doula, and educator and advocative of reproductive health rights to work. 

Thank you, Amy, for your contribution to moving the mission of ArtWorks forward. We couldn’t do this important work without volunteers such as yourself.

If you are interested in getting involved and becoming a volunteer with ArtWorks, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at info@artworksforfreedom.org

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