“The Golden Doors to Freedom” is a participatory arts project that turns abandoned doors into dramatic vehicles for communal focus on human trafficking. Guided by master gilder William Adair, trafficking survivors and allies in the community will convert discarded wooden doors into freedom portals. After applying 23k gold leaf to the doors, participants will write, stencil, draw, scratch, burnish and embellish them with their own expressions about trafficking.

“The Golden Doors to Freedom” provides a tangible way to bring people into the art-making process. Taking a battered old door and turning it into a beautiful work of art tells us about our own capacity to change perceptions and create empathy in the place of indifference.  The group process concretizes individual survivor stories and the finished Doors provide a powerful public and visual representation of the commitment to eradicate human trafficking.

By creating freedom portals, survivors and allies together become a force for social change.