Front view of the Airports To Freedom multimedia kiosk installation

We are very pleased to share the latest designs of the Airports to Freedom interactive multimedia installation that we intend to present at US international airports from Spring 2020 onwards.

The installation—designed by Baltimore-based designer Noni Devora —represents a central component of the Airports to Freedom global human trafficking awareness campaign that is being developed and managed by Ashley Woods, our Director of Programs and Events and independent curator and producer who works closely with the Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

“What sets Airports to Freedom apart from previous human trafficking awareness campaigns, such as the DHS ‘If You See Something, Say Something®’ campaign, is that it aims to actively engage audience participation—especially from youth,” Woods says.

Thanks to strategic partnerships with other established organizations notably Airline Ambassadors International, Saving Jane and Stop The Traffik, Airports to Freedom will also offer training in human trafficking awareness skills, a survivor speaker program, a safe house legacy program and a free educational syllabus with teacher’s guide.

“It is only when we work together and share what we know that we will build a picture of what is actually going on,” says Ruth Dearnley, CEO of Stop The Traffik. “Since airline passengers spend on average 90 minutes waiting to board their plane, airports can use this dwell time to better engage with passengers,” says Nancy Rivard, President of Airlines Ambassadors International.

You can support Airports To Freedom by making a donation today. All individual donations over $1,000 U.S. Dollars made before December 1, 2019 will receive special mention on our official campaign website.