September 2017

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ArtWorks for Freedom launches a citywide ActionDC! campaign using the power of the arts to raise awareness about human trafficking

Recent news stories have been focusing on missing girls in DC. and the connection between  runaway youth and human trafficking. ArtWorks for Freedom wants to do something about this.

Since 2011, Kay Chernush and Artworks for Freedom have built a vast coalition of artist-activists and shown their work in Singapore, Phnom Penh, Mumbai, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Wisconsin, Michigan and NYC. This fall they are mounting a multi-faceted awareness campaign in the Washington DC area.  Public awareness is the critical first step in prevention.

Over the next weeks, ArtWorks for Freedom will utilize the arts  to create community conversations throughout the metropolitan DC area that will move people from being observers to becoming problem solvers to end human trafficking in our nation’s capitol and beyond. To help, ArtWorks has gathered  an impressive list of partners, from anti-slavery groups, service providers, educational institutions, think tanks, businesses, artists and arts organizations, and more!

We hope you will join in!
More details and a full list of events can be found below and at:

Join the Conversation
#SeeItEndIt and #ActionDC on Social Media


About ArtWorks For Freedom
ArtWorks for Freedom transforms the way people see the world!


  • ArtWorks for Freedom uses the power of the arts to raise awareness about human trafficking, which destroys the lives of vulnerable people and weakens our common social fabric.
  • We work locally and globally, with community partners, including service providers, law enforcement, artists and arts organizations, educational institutions, businesses and local government.
  • Engaging all the arts, we educate the public through community based awareness campaigns and we use exhibits, performances, films, lectures, participatory arts events and dialogues to increase empathy, challenge indifference and inspire action.
  • We empower new artist-activists to become engaged in working towards a world without slavery and exploitation.