ArtWorks for Freedom is a global initiative that uses the arts to shine a light on the pervasive and rapidly growing crime of human trafficking . . . modern slavery.

We conduct multifaceted, arts-based awareness campaigns that will inspire students, teachers, parents, community leaders and concerned citizens everywhere take concrete action to end human trafficking.

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Use our 30Actions30Days.com toolkit to see how you can do one thing every day to #ConfrontHumanTrafficking. Great for groups or individuals who want to take action!

Visit the Action Library every day where you will have the chance to learn about a specific aspect of human trafficking in the world today.

Concrete actions include gathering information, reading, watching films, organizing activities in your community, advocating and supporting anti-trafficking NGOs. Share your knowledge on our social media sites: Facebook and Twitter. Not only are you telling the world what you are doing, but you are also helping to build a larger community of activists.

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#1 Award winner in Indie Game of the Year Category of NGDC India.

MISSING is a reality-based adventure game created by ArtWorks for Freedom contributing artist Leena Kejriwal. The game is designed to allow players to experience what it is like to be trafficked into the inhumane and cruel world of prostitution, a world into which millions fall victim every year.

Assume the role of Champa, imprisoned in the red light area of a city, making choices and assessing risks for herself to find her way to freedom.

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ArtWorks for Freedom  contributing artist Thomas Estler uses comic books to educate youth about what human trafficking looks like. Using his first series, Abolitionista!, Thomas has given workshops to young people in schools, libraries, homeless shelters, community centers and churches throughout the U.S. to help equip them to spot the warning signs of sex trafficking. Now, Tom is working on a new comic book series for SAVING JANE, addressing the vulnerability of youth in foster care. He is also working on projects in other countries as well.

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View Thomas Estler’s Comic Abolitionista! Book Series for SavingJane.org here!