Everyone has a place!

The anti-trafficking community needs people just like you! You don’t have to go all the way across the world to be part of the solution. You can give of your time and talents right where you are, in your own communities. ArtWorks for Freedom believes that everyone can play a unique role in the fight to end all forms of human trafficking and empower survivors. What are you passionate about?

      1. Volunteer
        Organizations fighting human trafficking across the globe need volunteers like you! There’s a place for volunteer drivers, interpreters, accountants, lawyers, writers and editors, grant-writers, fundraisers, mentors and other kinds of helpers. Contact us to volunteer with ArtWorks or find another local organization in your area using The National Human Trafficking Resource Center Referral Directory, Volunteer Match or Idealist.org.
      2. Bring ArtWorks to Your City
        We love working with new partners to develop ArtWorks for Freedom campaigns. We work with individuals, NGOs, college students, professors and others interested in developing a local campaign for their city or community. Contact us to learn about the costs and requirements of bringing an ArtWorks campaign to your area.
      3. Host a Friend Fundraiser
        Our work relies on the financial contributions of people who believe in our mission. We encourage you to host an arts fundraiser in your home and share some of our art, photography or performances with your friends. Need help designing a friend fundraiser? We’d be happy to help. Contact us for ideas.
      4. Host a Film Screening
        Hosting a film screening and discussion in your home, school, library, community center or workplace is a great way to raise local awareness. We have several films exploring the issue of human trafficking that we can provide for educational use. Contact us for a film listing.
      5. Make Your Community a Slavery-free Zone
        Thinking about the global problem of human trafficking can become overwhelming, which is why we suggest tackling the issue at the local level. We can help you design a plan to make your community a slavery-free zone, starting with learning about how human trafficking affects your local community and contacting local elected officials to see how they are addressing the issue. We can also help you form citizen committees to raise awareness through events and campaigns and building partnerships with other anti-trafficking organizations. Contact us if you would like direct assistance with making your community a slavery-free zone!

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